RUSCIN'S RANT - some random musings on the end of the Petrino era

Apr 11, 2012 -- 12:12pm

1,582 days.  That’s how long Bobby Petrino was the head football coach at the University of Arkansas.  He held a powerful influence over our state the likes of which we have never seen before and may not see again.  He could do whatever he wanted…and he knew it.

He thought he was better and bigger than the program and all of us.  He was wrong.  Nobody is bigger than the Razorbacks.  Nobody is bigger than the University.  Bobby Petrino’s blatant arrogance and disregard for the people he worked with and that supported for him can’t be ignored.

Forgive me if I’m not willing to accept an apology from a man that only did so when his behind was firmly in the frying pan.  He put my home state through a great deal of ridicule and stress over the past week and none of us deserved any of it.  The thing that is even more sickening is that this man doesn’t care about what he did or any of the Razorback fans he hurt and disappointed. 

Jeff Long isn’t Frank Broyles but there may not be a better athletic director in crisis than Long.  The grace under fire and courage he has displayed on two different instances:  the death of Garrett Uekman and the dismissal of Bobby Petrino, have been tremendous.  Jeff Long has done Razorback fans proud in both instances and many other times in his tenure at Arkansas.  He will get the best person for this job.  I have nothing but confidence in him. 

What about the program?  This football program is not going to become Mississippi State overnight.  There is more money and more of a commitment to football than in 2007 and Razorback football will survive this and continue to flourish.  There will be a who’s who of coaching prospects that are interested in this job because it’s in the best league in America at a school with facilities that are only getting better in a state where there is no recruiting competition.  Maybe I’m being a homer, but I see bright days ahead once again for Razorback football.

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