Reaction to Petrino Motorcycle Crash Shows Double Standard by Fans

Apr 02, 2012 -- 10:49am

As word began to filter across the state that Arkansas head football Coach Bobby Petrino would make a full recovery after being involved in a motorcycle crash Sunday night, people began to feel ok reacting to the news.  It’s hard to react to a story when you don't know the severity of the injuries.  Nobody is being critical of Coach Petrino riding a motorcycle during his free time and the reason for that is simple.  Coaches that win can get away with anything they want with fans. 

There really isn't much to debate here.  It's a one sided discussion.  If you’re a football coach and you win, fans don't care about what you do in your free time.  However, when football coaches become mediocre, fans start to rip every single thing that they don't like about a coach, including what they are doing when they are off the clock.  Anyone remember Houston Nutt? 

That's right.  I believe if a coach that had a few 10 win seasons had an alleged affair, fans wouldn't care one bit.  Do that after back to back losing seasons and it becomes the biggest story in the world.

I am not complaining that things are this way because they are never going to change.  Fans are always going to extend the leash with the coach that is a winner, and nitpick every little thing about a coach that isn't getting the job done. 

Now the question is how long will Petrino be hampered by these injuries?

How long will it take Coach Petrino to get back to 100%?

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